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MJCarey Consulting Services

MJCarey Consulting specializes in improving organizational processes, working with staff and agency leadership, conducting needs assessments, conducting community partnership assessments, board development, strategic planning, developing grant programs, grant planning, grant proposal preparation, grants management and fund development. MJCarey Consulting has extensive experience with local, state, and federal grant procedures and applications. Ms. Carey is able to facilitate and coordinate all aspects of the grant process including researching prospective donors, meeting with prospective donors, facilitating project discussions and planning sessions, establishing evaluation criteria and data collection procedures, writing the proposal, and project management. In addition to the grant process, Ms. Carey is able to facilitate the creation of an annual fund development plan by identifying diversified funding options, establishing goals, and creating an action timeline for annual fundraising and grant-seeking.


  • CDBG Grant Administration: Certified by the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs
  • Strategic Planning: Community assessment, organizational assessment, meeting/retreat facilitation, identifying critical issues, creating goals and objectives and timelines for action.
  • Program Planning: Create a new program or service; review a current program or service; sustain a current program or service. Determine organizational feasibility for grants management.
  • Identification of funding sources: Research up-todate resources to match funding opportunities with
    project goals and priorities.
  • Fund development: Through a strategic process identify diversified funding and create a long-range
    fund development plan.
  • Proposal planning: Facilitate meetings and develop guidelines to create a grant-funded program able to
    meet all deadlines and criteria associated with the grant proposal.
  • Proposal Writing: Write comprehensive, concise, narrative, budget, and proposal attachments to meet
    all Requests for Proposals and grant application requirements.
  • Facilitate project planning: Manage community collaborations involving various agencies or various
    organizational departments.
  • Proposal Editing and Review: Read and review written proposals, program plans, outlines, and evaluation criteria. Able to make suggestions and edits to increase likelihood for funding.